New Zealand has an education that shares fundamental principles similar to the UK institutions and hence is research and practical oriented. As the New Zealand Government is investing heavily in its education sector with projections of international enrolments increasing by 2025 to more than double of what they are today, the study costs, financial aid and post-graduation employment prospects at New Zealand are quite attractive. 7 out of 8 Universities in New Zealand have consistently featured in the top 500 Universities across the globe. Adding to that, in comparison to the US or the UK, the education costs in New Zealand is quite affordable.

New Zealand is well-known for its a high quality learning experience through its 8 internationally well-recognized universities each possessing highly experienced faculty members especially in the fields of Business, Sciences, Arts and Environmental Studies.

Study In New Zealand

Area Of Study

New Zealand University and colleges offers programs in areas of study:

  • Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine
  • Applied & Pure Sciences
  • University of Oxford
  • Architecture & Construction Business
  • Engineering, Creative Arts & Design
  • Education & Training
  • Health & Medicine
  • Hotel Management
  • Fitness & Personal Care
  • Travel & Hospitality

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    Sodhika Dhungana, University of Wollongong, Australia

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